Life's no-picnic

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I regret it very, very much, but I shall not be attending the Boston-area bloggers and readers picnic. No visit with friends and new associates. No hamburgers or frisbee at church. And worst of all, no weekend time with PeaceBang. (PB: I hope you got my email from earlier; I'll try to call you later.)

I'm sorry gang. I was hoping to feel better, I'm just not feeling well enough to face the twenty hours or so of bus and train. Indeed, I don't think I would even be up to flying.

Take pictures, share stories, and have some potato salad for me.

3 Replies to “Life's no-picnic”

  1. Frowny face here. We wouldn’t dream of playing frisbee without you. Especially because it’s going to rain.

    But I’ll see you in late May!

    xoxo lovelovepeacebanglovexoxo

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