Life's no-picnic

I regret it very, very much, but I shall not be attending the Boston-area bloggers and readers picnic. No visit with friends and new associates. No hamburgers or frisbee at church. And worst of all, no weekend time with PeaceBang. (PB: I hope you got my email from earlier; I’ll try to call you later.)

I’m sorry gang. I was hoping to feel better, I’m just not feeling well enough to face the twenty hours or so of bus and train. Indeed, I don’t think I would even be up to flying.

Take pictures, share stories, and have some potato salad for me.

3 Replies to “Life's no-picnic”

  1. Yes, we’ll miss you, and hope you feel better. If your ears start burning tomorrow afternoon, you’ll know why.

  2. Frowny face here. We wouldn’t dream of playing frisbee without you. Especially because it’s going to rain.

    But I’ll see you in late May!

    xoxo lovelovepeacebanglovexoxo

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