April 29 blog watch

Since I have 150 blog and other feeds coming into my Firefox browser, you know I read them. This is what I’ve been following closely.


Justin Baeder and Aaron Ogle at Radical Congruency are always worth a read; right now Justin is writing about podcasting, which interests me.

Podcast: Emerging Tech // Emerging Church: Video & BitTorrent


Chuck Currie and Chris Tessone ponder a link between anti-gay violence and recent theocon rhetoric.


Universalism seems recently to be — well, how should I put this? — an interesting concept among Evangelicals. Few seems willing to own it, but there’s a lot more talk. How do I keep walking into these discussions? (I really do read these blogs before it comes up.)

Greg at Oklahoma City-based The Parish is on right now.


Scott Jones
[uh, a link would help] is also a minister in OKC (Cathedral of Hope OKC) and The Parish’s Greg’s beer buddy. That’s how I found him, and with links to the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, the Heifer Project, and Sojourners I figured he might have something interesting to say.

He did: he’s now up to installment #5 of his coming out story. His “I’m newly out” story. How do I keep walking into these discussions?

Now wait, I thought, the role of thirty-something, bearded, bespectacled gay minister is filled. And named Scott no less. Himmel!

Coming-out stories are important; I would offer a note of caution of being too public. And I look forward to other writings. Note: he served at Royal Lane Baptist, Dallas, where a good (female) seminary buddy was ordained.


Another blogger and I once commented how interesting a new church in Boston is (was, might be) and I have been keeping my eyes open for other interesting new churches. Here’s one — with an RSS and three blogging pastors, to boot:

Chicago’s The Church of Jesus Christ, Reconciler, “a congregation seeking affiliation with the Episcopal Church USA, the American Baptist Churches, USA and the Evangelical Covenant Church.”


And Death Week ends at Seabury, the Episcopal seminary.

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