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  1. Quillen Shinn, eh? So this means that you’re the guy to find out if the biography FAITH WITH POWER is worth searching for? Or is this another example of a book you would outbid me on ebay?

    I note that both Shinn and D. B. Clayton died within a few years of each other, how different would the history of southern Univeralism be if Shinn had lived as long as Clayton? That extra 18 years would have been useful (he probably would have liked it himself)

  2. Actually, I’ve never seen the book you mention, and though QS could write a good sermon (and make a decent report to the Universalist General Convention) I don’t think he did so much for Universalist home missions as set it up for failure. As far Ebay, there’s an Episcopalian in New England and a bookdealer that grabs up more Universalistiana than I’ll ever buy.

    Back to Shinn. Recall, “grasshopper missionary” is someting of an insult; that he didn’t have the fidelity to stick to any task long enough to see it bear fruit.

    I just wish Daniel Bragg Clayton — namesake for a church in Newberry, South Carolina dear to my heart — had lived twice as long!

  3. Yeah, well I’m number one for UU bibliothecary and its variants 😛

    Not that you’ll find many people searching for that one…

  4. Well Clayton was a bit of a grasshopper too, but of course, just in the south., and usaully within 400 niles of home, but where does circuit riding end and grasshopering begin? the furtherest west Clayton preached was Texas, and as far as I know just one trip. But he was certainly a wide circuit riding minister –
    He was getting ready to leave Columbia SC to go preach in Greenville NC the morning he died… at age 79…and Greenville was one of his regular places to preach – that’s 300 miles away from home, 100 years ago.

    Hmm, maybe by mentioning Daniel Bragg Clayton, you can be #1 there too!

  5. It may not be intelligent, but all I can say is “Yessss!..#5! Whhoopeee!”

    Rock On,

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