Mercersburg Convocation 2005

Jim of Pereginato teased Shawn about attending a seminary “which happen to be the inheritors of the Mercersburg legacy and have found enlightened assessment measures other than final exams.”

Ah, Mercersburg. That was the catholicizing or reforming (take your pick) movement within the Reformed Church which has a legacy in the ecumenical Mercersburg Society, “founded in 1983 to uphold the concept of the Church as the Body of Christ, Evangelical, Reformed, Catholic, Apostolic, organic, developmental, and connectional.”

I think it is a great idea, and I’ve joined. Other Unitarian Universalist — well, Universalist anyway — ministers are members. I only wish they were technologically with-it. Their website couldn’t be much more out of date.

This prompts me to spare a word about their forthcoming annual convention. Prepare to be thrilled.

Ursinus and the Augsburg Confession

“How Sixteenth Century Controversies Still Inform and Clarify the practice of Word and Sacrament Today”

June 6 and 7
Lutheran Theological Seminary, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Regular registation (with meals but not accomodation) is $80 and the deadline is May 25. Leave a comment or email me at blog @ if you want contact information.

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  1. I actually wondered if the society was still running, because it seems as though their website hasn’t changed much since you first introduced me to it back in the day.

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