UrbanMonastery wiki up

The UrbanMonastary wiki, “a collaborative approach to finding ways forward in spirituality and life” is back up via the Radical Congruency blog. Being a wiki, it means that you have to help build it. (Since it is being released under a Creative Commons licence, only add what you don’t intend to reserve rights for.)

Justin at RC was prodded into getting the wiki back online. I think that must be a response to my comment asking what happened to it. Or perhaps they have a secret think tank that helps them plan.

Well, here’s the plan for the wiki:

  1. The Vocational Ministry Open-Source Handbook
  2. Good Gnus – a collaborative project to flesh out a thorough, balanced understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  3. The Simple Church Manual – A guide to simple, low-overhead ways of being and doing church.

All of which makes me very happy since these are main themes I work on here.

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