The partisan parson

By this time, I’m sure you’ve heard about the pastor of the East Waynesville (North Carolina) Baptist church who expelled (excommunicated strikes me as the wrong word with Baptists) some members for their non-support of and non-voting for George W. Bush. Charles Currie is one of the earlier one to have blogged the story, which is being carried by the AP and highlighted at the Daily Kos.

There’s a lot of meat here, and a lot to object to. It also begs some questions.

  1. What are the power structures at this church that would allow the pastor to do this?
  2. If and when this churches loses its tax-exempt status, will the support sour?
  3. How large was the church to expell nine and have forty more leave in protest? Was this a significant proportion?
  4. Are we all fools propelling a publicity engine?

My gut guess is that the brouhaha will pass, and the deacons will pass the pastor off the scene. They are Baptists after all, and someone won’t take kindly to this action and embarassment.

2 Replies to “The partisan parson”

  1. Could you say more about the publicity engine possibility? I can’t see it, but it’s a provocative idea.

    P.S. Did I ever tell you how hard I laughed when I first saw that little photo of you with the caption, “I have always meant business?” Brilliant.

  2. About that photo — my mother (and others) are convinced I am incapable of smiling. Which isn’t quite true.

    Publicity engine? “Look, those commie queer anti-Christs are against us. Come to the true faith . . . .”

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