Another congregation down in the UUA?

For reasons known only to God, there is extraordinarily little written about member congregations of the Unitarian Universalist Association that disaffiliate, disband, or merge with another congregation. This was once a regular feature of whatever the UU World was called in the late 80s. It strikes me as un-familylike and un-gemütlich as if your Grandma died and nobody recognized it.

Enough of the editorial: is the Coronado Unitarian Universalist Church dead or not? Its technically refined website — I was getting around to highlighting some of the better websites in the UUA — now identifies itself as “Friends of Coronado [California] Unitarian Universalists” and that “as of April 1, 2005, we are no longer holding worship services.” The latter being a condition of continued UUA membership, if not existence, as I read the bylaws. There’s a link to a page of pictures of the “former Board of Directors.”

A bit of sadness since there are little hints that this pluralistic church was nevertheless Christian-ier than many. And a bit of sadness when something — well — again, what did happen there?

If you know, please do comment.

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  1. Here’s a letter to the editor just this week from the pastor of a formerly Unitarian church in Hingham, Mass., (where there are two UUA-affiliated congregations), clarifying that his congregation has been denominationally unaffiliated “for more than 35 years.”

  2. Interesting. Couldn’t find a website, but that’s not all that strange.

    I think I’ll blog on those churches not in the UUA with a Universalist foundation.

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