Here's one for your MP3 player

Despite the obvious capacity for listening to music, I got my MP3 player to listen to sermons, talks, and other resources — in other words, to learn something on the bus to and from Day Job.

I’ve started loading the MP3s from the Lutheran Liturgical Prayer Brotherhoodwhich I blogged about earlier — and thought it would be a good way to learn about chanting. Lots of diagrams and Latin terms and what-have-you.

Well, it seems the cantors have been busy, since there are a lot of new, high-quality MP3s to download there. Not “studio chanting” for the radio, but as if you stepped inside a small church at the right moment. I love this. The page is a bit frumpy but the music is quite refreshing and God-honoring.

(It is a little disconcerting though, given the lead has almost exactly the same voice as I do, were I able to chant properly. Same timbre and enunciation, and goodness know I’ve heard myself recorded often enough.)

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