UU means Unitarian Universalist. LUG means Linux Users Group.

So, are any of my readers — I suppose you needn’t be a Unitarian Universalist, really — Linux users? Please leave a comment.

The occasion for asking is that I’m considering moving from Mepis Linux, a Debian distribution to Ubuntu. (I used to use Mandrake, but I didn’t like the RPM method of, well (software) package management.)

3 Replies to “UU LUG?”

  1. I made the switch from Mandrake to Knoppix. I prefer apt-get over RPM too though. I’ll admint to be mostly Mac OS X oriented these days.

  2. I’m an old Linux fan. Even wrote a primer about Open Source and Nonprofit organizations. I’m on my way to seminary in the fall, but will be bringing my Debian laptop with me. šŸ™‚

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