Universalist proof-texts

Everybody’s favorite Anabaptist, Graham of Leaving Münster, has rather provocatively (or should that be evocatively) given the blogosphere a short list of pro-Universalist proof texts (without actually professing Universalism.)

Proof texts don’t do much for me, and I only pull them out when met by who do prooftext and need to have then winds let out of their sails. Then they often go to say that all doesn’t mean all in a way that would make Douglas Adams proud. As you can imagine, I tend to avoid them, save historically.

So you can bookmark this page if you need an easy reference.

Universalism’s proof-texts

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  1. What is this crazy radar of yours that finds any posts on universalism the second they’ve been published?! 😉

    (Btw, the URL is wrong. Here is it.)

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