Life through a web browser

I’m thinking back more than ten years when the Internet when email was still exotic, text based tranfers (anyone remember gopher?) were cutting edge, and my web browsing had to be done through a Unix shell.

My, but times have changed.


  1. I check bus and subway schedules online.
  2. I order pizza online.
  3. I check my work email online.
  4. I pay my credit card bills online.
  5. I check my bank statement online.
  6. I renewed my driver’s license online.
  7. I buy books online.
  8. I joined a car-sharing company online.
  9. I plan and book full vacations online.
  10. I take short classes online.
  11. I give to charities online.
  12. I keep up with old friends — blogs having replaced email having replaced letters — online.

And so forth.

The web brower can be for many people an efficient means of conducting daily business. For the importance of interpersonal relationships in church, a lot of what we do is routine, even dreary, business. How can the church step up to the challenge of rising expectations?

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