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  1. Hey, I wish I was closer. But I do have a question: I thought that church was tearing itself in pieces with two fighting factions attempting to claim the building, program and assets? Is that all over, or am I mistaken? Maybe it was the Swedenborgian group in NYC come to think about it.

    Cheerfully, Roger Kuhrt

  2. Actually, it was the Swedenborgian church in Cambridge, Mass.. And the conflict was over the deed to the chapel. The chapel was originally a part of the Swedenborg School of Religion. The congregation didn’t own the deed to the building they have been in; and the denomination wanted to sell the building after the seminary moved to California.

    The resolution to the conflict was that the Cambridge church had to make payments toward ownership – and if their membership dropped below a certain level the congregation would need to leave and the building would be sold.

    Or perhaps it was the conflict over the Boston Swedenborgian church (aka Church on the Hill), where the minister took the church out of the denomination, using less than ethical means.

    For such a small denomination, that’s alot of conflict!!

  3. It was Boston, which still makes for interesting coffee hour conversation.

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