A real epic cycle, please

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This is my one and only posting about the new Star Wars film.

A bunch of people whose blogs I read have shared a "I won't spoil the movie, but . . . ." convention, to which I reply: Try and spoil it, but I think Lukas beat you to it. In any case, I'm not going to watch it, and never did get around to watching Episode Two on DVD.

All in all, the semi-non-reviews have been, "It could have been worse." James puts it best:

Revenge of the Sith was a hundredfold better than the previous two movies in the Star Wars franchise…I’m sorry, I mean “cycle”. By the same token, a dollar is a hundredfold more valuable than a penny, but it is still a dollar; it won’t get you far, and I wouldn’t call it wealth.

I want a real epic cycle. That's something I failed to mention in my much-commented "Trinity" post after mentioning the production of Hecuba that I saw with my SO and PeaceBang.

The monumental thing about the Trojan arc is that so many authors got into it. (Even Shakespeare. Morrissey fans may think I'm reaching when I hear a phrase of the story adapted in "First of the Gang to Die," the eponymous gang member being named Hector.) Centuries melt in the retelling. The emotions and motivations are basic, if gruesome and unfashionable. The story has resonance. And we need some big, resounding stories.

From what I hear, the Star Wars cycle might have wanted to do it, but couldn't muster it. Close isn't good enough.

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  1. what secret, Anikin is Darth Vader and Luke is his son. Or is the secret that the acting is so bad, cool effects.

  2. Morrissey fans may think I’m reaching when I hear a phrase of the story adapted in “First of the Gang to Die,” the eponymous gang member being named Hector.

    Hmm. It might be a stretch given that “Hector” is a very popular name in East LA, where a solid and fervent Latino/a Morrissey fan base is located.

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