A German view toward open Christian sources

A while back I wrote about how the core works of Christian faith should be open (free of copyright, and by extension open to interpretation) and have been scratching around the historical margins to look to works that are old and have lost copyright protection.

I’m glad to see others are chiming in. Last year, Tom O. Brok (“Open Content becomes king”) presented a paper at the 9th European Christian Internet Conference. I just found it surfing through the EDK (German Protestant Church) site. (I’ve long loved this site, which is odd, seeing as I don’t read German. But this is in a slightly wonky English translation.)

A good place to begin if you want to read more.

Open Content becomes king

Later. I forgot to mention the conference was in Koloszvar/Cluj, Romania. This is well-known to Unitarians as the seat of the Transylvanian Unitarian Church. Worship for the conference was at the joint seminary where Unitarians students are trained for the ministry.

The Conference site, also in English.

Later still.

Indeed, look who was on the conference schedule:

“First Unitarian Steps on the Web”
by Mr József Szombatfalvi,Transylvanian Unitarian Church

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