Are you a "younger Evangelical"?

Look at this chart, comparing and contrasting “traditional,” “pragmatic,” and “younger” Evangelicals.

Do you see yourself in this? Comments welcome, especially from those allergic to even the most liberal or broad stripes of Evangelicalism.

From Jordan Cooper

2008 May 16. The chart is missing from Jordan Cooper’s site, but there’s a copy saved at

5 Replies to “Are you a "younger Evangelical"?”

  1. Oooooo my! I seem to be exactly what a younger evangelical should be, despite my scientific leanings and a Geophysics degree.

    Are we looking at a phenomenon that isn’t distinctly evangelical, but more generational across traditions?


  2. Good question. Justin Baeder of Radical Conguency (a great duo-blog) has reported on the book (in 2003) and in a word identifies process evangelism with a catechetical process. I guess in that context this means “we have a process to leader others in and through to Christ rather than leaving faith maturation to chance.” He doesn’t (didn’t) think as much of this piece as the other pieces, but I find it rather encouraging. One of my problems with Evangelicalism is its low cost of discipleship and its somewhat mechanistic “add water and stir” approach to initial faith formation. I’ve noticed that the younger generation of Evangelicals also less keen on the “four spiritual laws” and “Christ the bridge over sin” models of Evangelism that their elders. Good.

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