Red Ken's letter is a good example for younger ministers

At age thirty-six, perhaps there are others better equipped to offer advice to younger ministers, but they don’t blog.

Right now, read and bookmark the Mayor of London Ken Livingstone’s remarks following yesterday’s bombings. I’ve long liked him for having a keen interest in city transport, for his role local government, and for putting the screws to Thatcher when few would; Red Ken — I rather like the nickname even though it was coined perjoritively — is the kind of politician I wish we had a few of.

His words are stirring, but the reason you should read and bookmark them is because they are a good example of the kind of emergency letter or speech most minister will need to give at least once in their careers. Firm, caring, directive, and hopeful. With a recognizable structure, which is an aid to writing and listening when the stress is high. Just barely long enough to get the message out without being tedious.

Livingstone was being a good leader here, and good leaders need good models.

Hattip: Philocrites and others.

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