Policy Governance here, please

In the last posting, I asked for comments about the mechanics of polity and seemed to tap a nerve about Polity Governance, also known as the Carter Model.

I know little about it, and what I’ve read doesn’t do much for me. Plus it only seems to be thought fruitful for the largest churches in the UUA, and that’s one minority I’m not in.

All I have to add it that I’m more than a little leary of proprietary methods or models. First, they seem too precious and terribly expensive. Second, I have a hard time thinking I’ll do the work of the Eternal with a vehicle that needs to have a trademark.

Nevertheless, there’s that nerev that’s been touched. All I ask of my readers it to place your comments about Policy Governance (trademark) here, and your other comments in the earlier posting — or a later one if other distinct themes arise.

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  1. Dearheart, I think it’s the Carver model, not Carter. And if you want to read a heartwrenching set of sermons on how one minister thinks it really DIDN’T work for his congregation, the Rev. Patrick O’Neill’s final addresses to the UU congregation in Wilmington, DE, are a good bet.

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