The funny places one finds resonance

I know I can be a scowling noodge at time, and some people pointedly question why I am a Unitarian Universalist. (Usually after I’ve said something distinctly Christian or critical of the current UUA administration, neither of which I consider valid reasons for having “the door” suggested.)

That said, I had one of those moments of “cultural Unitarian Universalism” that I thought I’d share.

OK, I was in the seaweed aisle of Whole Foods. I’d just gotten an English cucumber and a box of low-fat firm tofu and thought I needed something to top my dinner’s rice.

Thoughts, roughly in order:

“Nori sheets are far too pricey.”

“Should I try the dulse flakes? Ah, they come from Maine.” (At which point I thought of Adam.)

“I already have a bag of kombu at home.”

I settled on a canister nori flakes from Maine, and realized that my shopping trip — and assorted choices — wouldn’t cause the faintest flutter at most UU churches. Well, perhaps in Maine.

4 Replies to “The funny places one finds resonance”

  1. Hey, Scott–well that just proves the point. YOU are a Unitarian Universalist. I mean, you ARE what you EAT!

    Cheerfully, Roger Kuhrt

  2. I guess I’m a Whole Foods kind of cultural UU also. Actually, I do most of my grocery shopping at the food coop of which I am a member, but love to eat at the deli at Whole Foods. As they list ingredients, it’s perfect for a vegan. Come to think of it, cultural UUs of our kind are feally few and far between here, as far as I know. In local UU churches, I feel like an old happy primitive in almost every way.


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