The Dvorak keyboard

I’ve been teased for my interest in Esperanto, tofu, Universalism, Linux, and all manner of reformist “improvements” that (I know) causes some people to roll their eyes. Now I have a new one that might preserve my wrists: the Dvorak keyboard, and with it the possibility of becoming a touch-typist.

This little article took ages to get out, but I didn’t hunt and peck.

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  1. Keep us updated on this, Scott. I had a programmer friend once who swore by the Dvorak keyboard. I’d love to hear about it from someone in the process of learning to use it.

  2. Me too. As one who makes his living on a computer, and is pretty much always in front of a keyboard, I’m interested in anything that might save me wrist trouble.

  3. As a member of the carpaltariat myself, I am interested too.

    One of colleagues has gone to speech-to-text very successfully this year. He’s using iListen on the Mac but we hear that there are even better solutiois on the PC.

  4. I’m also interested.

    I thought of switching some time ago, but everywhere but home would be using a regular keyboard and I figured I’d never actually get used to one or the other.

  5. This will be short since I’m 100% Dvorak at home now. The key is learning to touch-type, so any keyboard will work.

  6. What are you talking about? am i supposed to just “know” what a Dvorak keyboard is? am I terminally unhip? is not already knowing this stuff evil? or is it just because I’m not a computer geek?

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