Divers reasons

A fluff piece, because I want to maintain daily blogging but don’t want to deflect from the prior posting. (Thanks for commenting, y’all. Thanks too for PeaceBang’s reply.)

So I thought I’d just note — like PB — some of the search engine phrases that brought people here. As a little reminder that there’s a world out there, even in here.

church names (#1, 47 hits)

cowboys for christ

tickler file

uu theistic jew

wordpress church

is wearing a thong in public moral

james mullholland

derek parker unitarian

toilet habits of muslims

caramel cod

berry street lecture carley


linux distribution druid -red -hat -redhat

ordination without a m.div

i wanna be evil mp3

christian policy governance

after death should wedding ring be worn

roger otis kuhrt

spiritual worship of bast

procrit gay auctioneer

captive-ntfs mepis

calling occupants of interplanetary craft mp3

background images squidfingers

jesus with sheep

hymn words & now unto the king

the song this beautiful creature must die

let all the earth keep silence

mature and boy friend small

general convention boston 1899 universalist

shirley bassey blog

snot boy

universalist marriage in heaven

we praise the we bless the we worship the we glorify the

godaddy boycott torture

carlton pearson and heresy

dan harper

good news lesbian

collect call to heaven

barbecue mobia

do you ___ take ___ to be your lawfully wedded wife?

walmart poor quality

the uptown lounge athens ga

singing the journey shelton

israeli scientists germinate 2000-year-old palm tree seed

wal-mart broccoli salad recipe

brian mclaren unitarian

flame alive compelling john of the cross

vanessa redgrave incarnate

unitarian universalist baptism rules

perichoresis beliefs heaven hell


is the independent christian church unitarian universalist in gloucester massachusetts christian church ?
new campbell soup commercial for 2005

advice on how to protest

the bomb that will bring us together

church thong

quakers you may know

what to wear to a funeral sandals

a debate on the doctrine of universal salvation held in cincinnati o…

communion prayer in remembrance of me

hot lesbian bands

coop communion

lava lamp pictures

grateful dead web blog

boy bands go gay

then shall the earth bring forth her increase

preaching see god genesis

eli eli senesh

giving up vegetarianism

chutney bands

i commend in the name of jesus christ against all power of darkness

prayers for burial at sea

without thong

my other car is a bus

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