Love Everlasting?

I like the eHarmony ads, but Hubby and I — who met by online personals; you can get anything over the Internet — wondered if gay people were welcome.

The answer is no. Cue facile excuses, exunt homosexuals. eHarmony founder (and TV spokesperson) Neil Clark Warren was a darling of Focus on the Family — now distancing himself. This may be the softer side of conservative Evangelicalism, but I’m betting the softness is to promote market share.

No secrets here; this story has been all over the media. This May 2005 article from USA Today popped up quickly in Google.

Just a little warning for those straight heterosexuals out there who might have thought about using the service, and a little advice: Know thyself and it makes finding someone a heck of a lot easier.

2 Replies to “Love Everlasting?”

  1. Yup. I was curious when the commercials first started appearing, and checked out the site. No options for male seeking male or woman seeking woman.

  2. OTOH, in you can select “I am a seeking of age…”. You can select your dating online service just as you would choose a church (not so sure about the range of political parties in these times though).

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