Travelling with one piece of luggage

Why the “sustainable living” category? Consider it applied theology, to live as light and free as possible. That’s why I’ve always liked recipes and money saving tips (and the kitch) that comes in the Lutheran mutual aid society magazine I get.

Here’s a tool I like because it makes travelling easier. More tips like this as I find them.

One Bag

2 Replies to “Travelling with one piece of luggage”

  1. Thanks for the link. The luggage has been getting heavier, or I am getting weaker. I too consider it a theological question, and I suppose I am standing in the need of a conversion.

  2. Oh my, did I need this. On my recent trip I took one heavy bag JUST FOR COSMETICS AND TOILETRIES.

    And I don’t mean a small bag. I mean a duffel on wheels.

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