"Unitarians Face a New Age" online

I looked again for the new Unitarian Universalist Association Commission on Appraisal report for download and it isn’t there yet.

But I noticed something else, quite useful and essential for seminarians. Formerly hard to get, now you can keep it on a hard drive: the landmark American Unitarian Association report Unitarians Face a New Age.

Note, it is a huge download and the unremarkable link is at the bottom of the following page. Unfortunately, it is rather grainy and is a facsimile of a bound copy.

What I’d love to see is some enterprising person — not me, but a brand name Unitarian perhaps — get permission from the UUA to scan an original copy into Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software and open up the proofreading process on a wiki. Then take the clean text, create a HTML file and re-PDF it through something like LyX.

Unitarians Face a New Age
(1936, PDF about 12 Meg)

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  1. Hey, I ordered the durned thing on July 26 and paid the $11 for expedited service. It’s still in “processing.” Twenty some odd days for the extra special service, and it’s still not in the mail. Hate to think if I hadn’t paid the $11 bucks.

  2. Do you mean the new COA report? Eek: the essence of my Day Job is publication sales, and I know 20+ days ain’t good for “expedited service.” Of course, who wouldn’t know that?

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