Six Feet Over

Well, I saw the series finale of Six Feet Under and if you have too, I invite you to leave comments and observations.

I think it’ll be shown a third time, but if you’d rather just get a spolier synopsis, read after the jump.

It was a good series, and open a lot of doors to talk openly about death. If I have the time and my wrists hold out, I may make some specificially theological observations about the series finale later.

Spoiler. Brenda and Nate’s baby — Willa — is born at thirty weeks and survives. Nate’s presence haunts the Fishers but they make their peace with him. David moves in with Ruth for a while, and makes his peace with his attacker and his father. Keith helps David buy out Rico, and the Diazes start their own funeral home; they move into a modernized Fisher house, and David brings his boys into the business. Claire gets her break in New York; the final scene is her driving east.

How does it end? Everyone dies, of course. In a device that isn’t as corny as it sounds, we see how each of the principles (Ruth, Keith, David, Rico, Brenda) die, complete with tombstone shot — which seemed, for the most part, too rosy — spliced with Claire’s driving. She was (will be?) the last to go, in 2085, aged 102. How else could it end?

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