Universalist history in Indiana, a new title

I got a second book promotion appeal this week, but this time I’ll spread the word. The author-publisher introduced herself to me several months ago, and there are a few people who read this blog the book may interest.

It is a journal about a “man was part of the Universalist movement in Indiana in the mid 1800’s,” one of the author’s ancestors.

The Journal of Amos Hannah
by Pat Gaines.

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  1. — From reviewing the promo…The book seems to me to be mostly a biography (more about the man than about his faith). His Universalism seems an important part of his historical context. It might be an interesting read for examining the life of a Universalist layperson, and seeing how he experienced the faith. Much of our history is grounded in the writings, sermons, and actions of ministers; which gives us a bit of distortion.


  2. Figuring that somebody had to read it, I did…

    …. its NOT a Universalist history at all. It contains 5 mentions of Univeralist in the index.
    He read some literature, attended services (twice in a weekend) and an Universalist Preacher preached at his mother-in-law’s funeral.

    on the other hand, Minister Daniel St. John is mentioned an additional 3 times,
    Rev George (Emmi ) Emmett is mentioned and the implication I get is that Hannah was an Universalist throughtout of this Journal.

    if you like history of regular folks of the 1800s (and I do), it is interesting – it is his diary – and pretty basic stuff – with some notes. A lot more time off than we’ve been led to believe!

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