Swiftboating us with Iraq

I think Terrance is right: the anti-Bush forces will be tarred with whatever failures or undesirable outcomes because we didn’t support the war, and didn’t “support the troops.” How the Left undercut “the troops” is a part of the folk-wisdom of the United States; somehow this was a greater evil than, say, the carpet-bombing of Cambodia. Go figure. Just remember that facts themselves don’t constitute a debate or a defense.

But the really galling part is how hostile the current Administration is against the very troops they profess to need and defend.

If the Adminstration is unwilling to fulfill its just obligations for the veterans we have as to their health needs and benefits, then the Administration is hurting the troops today.

If the Administration leaves some low-ranking troops so underpaid that their families need food aid or other public aid, then the Administration is hurting the troops today.

As a member of the anti-war Left, I care precisely because I grew up in a military family and know that the federal government will try to make economies with those who risked everything for our nation. I know I’m not the only blogger with this background.

Before we get tarred with unpatriotism, those who care for justice, fair and transparent government, peaceful international relations, the strategic alternatives to terrorist sympathies, and the rights of those who serve need to make it loudly and publically clear that we really do support the troops with more than cheap slogans.

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  1. It amazes me how people think victory is assured if we just wave the flag hard enougn. Even more that they think that’s all that’s required.

  2. Right On Scott: There is a little debated or thought about aspect of war areas in the Middle East, especially Iraq and that is Depleted Uranium which is in the very dust and sand that blows about daily. It just plain makes you very sick–most folks exposed show up (but, years later) with various forms of tumors in their bodies. There is now evidence that it affects the future children of the soliders. The US Gov. response–gee whiz; we don’t know what this is, but we are sure it is not our fault and we sure hope you can find health coverage somewhere. This was rampant after the Gulf War experience and shows up in the many suicides as well–now we just wait for your returning troops to get sick in a year or two and we will go through the same scenarios again–just like we did with Agent Orange in Vietnam.

    Not so Cheerfully, Roger Kuhrt

  3. I saw a bumper sticker in April that said, “Don’t agree with me? Well FLAG FLAG FLAG FLAG FLAG.”
    That’s about the level of rhetoric at play here. Very sad. Great post, dear.

  4. It seems me me that the subject of the effects of depleted uranium upon people living in countries that have been bombed by ours and upon U.S. troops is among the subjects usually placed off limits by “civilized” people. The Mpls Star Tribune certainly prefers not to print anything on it. I can’t recall Kerry or Edwards referring to it in any way.


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