Where is Our Home?

The website for Our Home Universalist Unitarian Church, Ellisville, Mississippi is down, as is the nearby University of Southern Mississippi.

Many of my readers know its energetic lay leader Linda Foshee, so Linda if and when you can we’d love to hear from you.

The Gulf Coast Unitarian Universalist Fellowship site is up, but I can’t imagine that this Gulfport congregation fared very well. It’s meeting house is about a mile from the coast but near a creek, very close to the Gulfport-Biloxi airport. (Google Map)

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  1. Folks, here’s a message from Rev. Doak Mansfield, the former minister of my home church in Huntsville, AL, now in Laurel, MS:

    Looks like it is going to really get bad here…coast is a mess of
    evacuations and we are going to get lots of folks. 15 shelters to be up
    today in our 4 county Red Cross Chapter…more tonight. Peggy is hard at
    with with some Red Cross 400 volunteers to coordinate as well as all the
    food, etc for shelters!

    Bad winds and rain expected (70-80 mph) all the way to Jackson! We’re 110
    miles from New Orleans…mandatory evacuation called there is AM.

    Back at you after the blow. We stay at Peggy’s office…renovated 1910
    three story brick hotel in downtown Laurel. The is an underground power grid

    Love – Doak

  2. i just moved here,i was in katrina, watched,stayed, and endured much pain and sufferring.i couldnt get out, for we were ‘lost in the system’,due to the media from new orleans,so,i took my red cross money, and the first few unemployement checks;and after i was evicted from the coast, i found the first place i could.ended up being here, in elisville. my children threw themselves upon the floor and sobbed,and i was still in distress and it seemed it couldnt get worse.i went back for my second load, my 2 sons and i moved all our stuff, no help from anyone,and i had been robbed.therefore,that at least gave us a better outlook on our new area. now i am here, no job, no money,used all of it to move here, pay rent,yada yada.but, the little town,has turned out to be awesome in its own way. i heard a bird chirp for the first time in 4 years. and that is beautiful. i was scared when i got here, the police helped me with ‘keeping an eye on things’, and the school is right behind me, and one son is there, the other is still ‘troubled’,and i toni, am trying as hard as i can to make a go of starting over, for i just turned 50, and it is hard to start over, no money, no help, no one.my phone was turned off, while out of town, with my mother, she had surgery, i had to go, and i didnt want to leave my children, but it was neccessary. i had a breakdown, knowing i couldnt get in touch with them. i went to fema yet again, for i had been flagged, for i didnt lose my personal belongings,but that is not all that goes with the storm,there is much domino, and aftermath, that , i will not say is worse, but yes just as bad. i hope to start over here.my youngest likes it, and so do i, even tho we didnt plan to stay.i need help of some kind, but i will turn it over to faith, for when u do things right, right things happen to and for u, and i did and i will. i want to say, thank u elisville, for being here for me.even tho, i had no idea where i was moving, it is an awesome place to be. thank u,sincerely toni doyle 505 hill street, somewhere in elisville.

  3. I just happened on this site by accident. For the first time ever (don’t know why!) I did a Google search of my name. Well, I do know why, but it’s a long story.

    Goodness, I didn’t know anyone was searching for me. I’m here, none the worse for wear.

    What’s so odd about the notice that someone was looking for their “dauter” Linda P. Foshee is that the description fits me even down to being a singer, but I have no idea who this could be. My parents are dead.

    Scott Wells, I’ve been searching for you and wondering what you were up to. Give a report on yourself. We are ready to host the Universalist Convocation 2006 at Our Home, May 5-7. Wish you could be with us.

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