A breather from Mississippi

In the last comment Steven R gave a head’s-up to the Jacqueline Luck’s note on the Mid South District website. She’s jointly the minister at the churches in Jackson and Our Home, Ellisville. The members are well it seems, and the buildings undamaged. Our Home, it should be noted, has a low profile and is brick; I’ve never seen the Jackson church. I’m glad to get the news. Nothing of substance (but reasonable speculations) is known of the Gulfport or metro New Orleans churches.

I just remembered the recently defunct church — also in Ellisville — Burruss Memorial Universalist, which is a frame building. I visited it and Our Home once several years ago when I finished seminary in Texas en route back to Georgia. The congregation is gone, but still hope the building survived. But let the living keep the living and the dead bury the dead, so to speak, so I’m relived these two congregations and buildings are OK.

The letter in question.

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