Plan a simpler Christmas now

I talked with my mother a couple of weeks ago, when the search and rescue part of the disaster relief effort was becoming full-scale evacuation and human remains recovery.

We talked about our giving in generalities. I had given to the Red Cross; she gave to the Red Cross and a local food pantry, and said somewhat apologetically, “I gave part of your Christmas” [to them].

I said, “Give it all.” I don’t need it and would be happier if others had a little more. Really, that’s true every year but the needs are so much more pointed now and the hardship will hardly peak (I suspect) by Christmas.

Of course, the biggest impediment to a selfless redistribution of Christmas largesse is the presumption of expectations from those we love. Children aside — I won’t

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  1. Your mom is a doll! I also think redistributing some of the holiday funds is a great idea. I think most adults would be happy with a little “A donation has been made in your name” card in place of a trinket this year. I’m slightly bummed that the bulk of my xmas list is kids, who don’t usually see the benefits of those little cards!

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