New Ubuntu distro

OK gang, I got back from Portland, Oregon exhibiting for Day Job, only to have a lot of housework to catch up on, and now I feel poorly. I think I have what’s going around. And I have to exhibit in Philly later this week. Not much time for blogging, and I even accidentally deleted my own replies to Amy Zucker Morgenstern’s comments! (The upshot: comment away, and I brought up the matter of UU clergy misconduct to steel us to act.)

Fortunately, upgrading my operating system was very easy. I’m using Ubuntu Linux’s new third release, Breezy Badger. (A Wikinews article about it.) Printer sharing is still a nightmare, but the little and not-so-little added features make me a believer. I’ll keep you posted about its failings, but I hope that by its next release (in six months) the major problems will be done.

But you need proof, right? How about this, totally included?

Alexandria Book Collection Manager

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