Kyle Lake

I’m sure praying for the dead is outside the norms of Baptist theology, yet I’ll remember the Rev. Kyle Lake in prayer.

He was thirty-three when he died on Sunday, and as the headline below suggests, was electrocuted in front of his congregation, University Baptist Church, Waco, Texas. Microphone. Baptistry. You can figure out the rest or read the story. (The baptisand was not seriously hurt.) Pray for the congregation, too.

I’m thinking of other young ministers I’ve read about who’ve died young. If I find it for All Souls (tomorrow) I’ll type out a touching century old obituary of a twenty-something Universalist minister and his sweetheart who died in a boating accident. But to loose a pastor so young, in the course of duty, and before the congregation on Sunday must be unbearable.

Pastor electrocuted while performing baptism (CNN)

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  1. Yes, what a tragic event! Rev. Kyle is in my prayers, and especially his congregation. I can’t imagine what it’s like to witness such a horrible death, and in such close proximity.

  2. Why would prayer for the dead by outside Baptist theology?

    I’m glad you are. I fear most hits on this story would yield jokes than prayers.

  3. This has to be the most tear jearking story that i’ve heard of that actually happened in a church. In Ohio, we just recently got over the story of a pastors wife passing away during the sunday morning worship, but this is way more… jaw-dropping. My prayers are with the church, and the late pastors family.

  4. Jeffrey Kyle Lake was special. He was different and for those who were fortunate enough to be close to him, they knew this. I love Kyle. I miss my brother and one of my best friends. I was blessed to have been close to him for 33 years. It pains me to live life without a friend that brought me so much joy in living life.

    For years we teased Kyle that he was adopted. He was so different with his sandy blonde hair and calming blue eyes. He was a sparkling and radiant person. Of course, Kyle was never adopted by my parents. We are full blooded brothers and friends. No, Kyle was on loan to us for 33 years and I thank God for that time together, but I wish I had more.

    We played soccer together. My senior year in High School, Kyle made the varsity team as a sophomore. During one practice, coach selected me as one of 6 captains for a 5 on 5 drill. My first selection was Kyle. Many of the other guys on the team made fun of us for my selection of Kyle. I next chose Joel “Bubba” Smith. We faired very well. The truth was that I knew Kyle was good, very good. We played soccer together since the time I turned 5. I miss playing soccer with Kyle.

    Today is a different day. It’s quieter today than it was 18 days ago. I wish Kyle were here to visit with over a cup of coffee. I would love to send him a funny text message. He was such a good brother, friend, counselor and pastor. I’m going to miss Kyle. Although I believe he is in our presence and I will someday see Kyle again, I miss him. In the days, weeks, and months ahead I ask for your continued prayers over Jenn, Avery, Jude and Sutton and our family. I pray for each of you that mourn my brother’s loss. God bless.

    Jody Lake

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