The church in Elgin, Illinois

Bill Baar posts some photos of the the condemned former Universalist church in Elgin, Illinois.

I used to be sad when I heard news like this — with Queen’s Another One Bites the Dust bumping along as a mental soundtrack — but without a congregation (of any denomination, to my mind) then a churchly building is simply an architectural and culture feature of interest or disinterest to the locals.

But I’m glad to see the photos, and I hope some clever Elginite finds a use for this edifice.

First Universalist Church Elgin, Illinois

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  1. I was on the board of another historic Universalist Church: Unity Temple in Oak Park, Illinois The experience convinced me Churches should unload historic property. Being a steward of it’s agony. I belong now to the UU society in Geneva Illinois which is also a historic structure but easier to maintain.

    This is an interesting little corner of Elgin with three old Churches on it. Only one still functions as a Church. A further few blocks away are some other huge historic Churches.

    Elgin is flush with casino money now and their is a desire by many to preserve old buildings so their may be some options for this building for non Church purposes.

    Thank the great being for gamblers I guess.

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