Dan Harper upgrades

I liked reading the Rev. Dan Harper’s blog — Yet Another Unitarian Universalist Blog — but I hated looking at it. Was an AOL blog ya’ know. I’m glad he’s moved to WordPress and his own domain. Good going! Now I can enjoy it all.

You can now read it here.

2 Replies to “Dan Harper upgrades”

  1. You have set the standard, Scott — both in blog aesthetics and in preacherly garb. I can but humbly follow in your footsteps. Though I admit I still have merely a simple white alb that I bought for $65 at the used robe store in Boston (came from a dead monk, now has permanent ring-around-the-collar from sweating at a beach wedding in Marion, Mass.), because I am a cheap New England Yankee, too cheap to buy those funky collar thingies and the velvet dingus that hangs over those black pleated whatayamacallum robes and all that other stuff.

  2. You are too kind. As for the alb, I find a little “Greased Lightening” degreasing cleaner is magic for soiled white cloth but (as usual) test in an inconspicuous place.

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