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Steven R. — is your surname public? — comments here regularly, and so it was natural I should follow the link he left with his last comment. That and he’s one of the few people I know with whom I can share stories about Newberry and its Universalists. (Hubby, a Sandlapper, indulges me.)

Bless his two new blogs: a virtual notebook called SC Universalist: a working history and the official blog/site of the congregation he alluded to, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Florence SC. The later is exactly the level of web-presence I’d recommend, and I hope that other small churches (emerging or not) will take a similar opportunity. Or maybe not, since this page isn’t (yet) pulling up a link on the first page of a Google search for permutations of Unitarian Universalist and Florence, SC. But kudos all the same.

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  1. well, the surname isnt a dark secret — I just dont sign it, so that it doesnt google too much.
    I hear that there were some Rowe’s very active in Universalist Church from Pender Co, NC – but my family lived in Beaufort county NC from 1700 to 1910 and were Primitive Baptists .

    thanks for the kudos —

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