The Other Turkey Day

Well, since PeaceBang is live blogging for Thanksgiving, I thought I might as well. Since Hubby and I aren’t at Peacebanghaus, we’re not travelling at all, at home, and keeping it simple.

As I mentioned before, we have a Quorn imitation turkey loaf-like roast. Pictures below the fold, and I’ll add more as I can. That canned cranberries, powdered potatoes, a green salad, store bought pie (who knew Entenmann’s made sweet potato?) and Alton Brown’s sweet corn bread pudding (a savory) is as excited as I can manage this year.

Perhaps if we’re keen, I’ll try and talk hubby into going to the Sackler Gallery for a rather off-beat Turkey Day treat:

Style & Status: Imperial Costumes from Ottoman Turkey

Later. Didn’t make it out of the house, but did add more photos.

November 27. Katherine asks about the Quorn loaf. It was shockingly turkey like. I overroasted it in a vain attempt to make it roasted brown, and it came out a bit drier than I imagine it would have had I stuck closer to the instructions. Accordingly, it was like overroasted breast meat, not like a cellulose sponge or even like gummy turkey lunch meat. I’d recommend it.

Quorn loaf, in the box

Quorn loaf, out of the box

The Quorn, roasted and out of the oven

Quorn roast on a bed of corn pudding

A detail of a slice

4 Replies to “The Other Turkey Day”

  1. Hope you’re having a lovely day. Our dinner was postponed due to a crisis at work 🙁 Makes for a very relaxing Thursday though!

  2. I cooked a regular turkey for the family and a quorn for my daughter. She said it was “ok” but she is not a fan of turkey in the first place. I think I overroasted the one I made too. It just looked like a very pale sausage.

    The leftover quorn went into a vegetarian chile for her, which she liked better.

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