Feeling Wicked

Hubby and I saw Wicked on tour last night and you didn’t. And if you don’t have tickets already, ya’ ain’t gonna, either. For those who don’t know, Wicked fills in the Wizard of Oz backstory by putting the version everyone knows on its head.

I get the hype now. A bit over-produced for my tastes, but I figure that means the eventual Eighteenth National Touring Company (“Playing Fargo for six weeks only!”) of 2015 can “bus-and-truck” and scale it down and still make it sizzle. Two chairs in a black box this show isn’t.

I get the hype because it is so well sung, and the dialog is full of witty or knowing touches.

I get the hype — and I’m not going to give anything away — because certain thematic elements remind one of a certain out-of-touch Administration that plays fast and loose with truth and liberty.

I don’t if this comes through in the 1995 book, but it should in the cast recording, so get that.

Of course, the other reason I’m mentioning it is that one of the characters wears bands. (Warning: this link will cause your browser to resize.) Gotta love that.

Wicked the Musical (official Broadway site)

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