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WordPress 2.0 is out. Up to back up my WordPress installations today or tomorrow, and bring in the new.

For all you WordPress folk out there, feel free to comment about your decisions to upgrade or not, and what you find, here.

Later. Upgraded the main UniversalistChurch.net installation of WordPress. It took about 15 minutes. If you installed WordPress yourself, and follow the directions carefully, you should have no trouble.

Even later. Now this blog (and a certain other site) is updated. The categories list to the right is now a little wonky. Otherwise, I look to see where all the improvements are.

7 Replies to “WordPress 2.0”

  1. I’m frightened of this upgrade, only because I just recently recovered from switching hosts. Plus, I have an experimental theme running, and it breaks in 2.0. So, I either go back to my old theme, or I wait for an update on the new theme.

  2. As I’m finishing up papers for my Jesus Prayer course in seminary, I think I’m just going to wait it out until I’m sure the transition is more or less seamless. 🙂

  3. Scott, is WordPress working well with Firefox? After registering, I had to switch to the d–ned Internet Explorer to be able to log in and write a comment.

  4. I use Firefox 1.5 and WordPress 2.0 happily with Ubuntu Linux.5.10. (By the way, isn’t the Catalan government forking Ubuntu in a special version for Catalan-speakers?)

  5. For some reason I cannot display the “Leave a Reply” box using Firefox+Windows XP, even after logging in, allowing cookies, etc. But it works with IE, so here I am again.

    The Catalan Internet community is actually quite active, we’ve got our own general domain (.cat), our own version of Wikipedia (independent from the Spanish one) and many programs and OS including Linux (and our government even paid Microsoft to translate Windows as well). I don’t know about Ubuntu because I’m not that familiar with Linux, but being open-source, it is quite likely that peopl

  6. I guess for the some reason I cant leave a response using Firefox 1.5 either – no “leave a reply box”! either
    (using windows xp operating system)

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