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2010: Use this link for the Leaving Muenster blog post — goodness, it was a great blog and I do miss it — and this one for the Bruderhof books. The following I’ll keep as I originally wrote it.

I wrote a couple of days ago about the Bruderhof sites being taken down. Graham Old, of Leaving Muenster, isn’t criticizing their decision, but notes the loss of the downloadable books, their crowning accomplishment.

And he has them online to download (bless his bandwidth) until he hears from the Bruderhof if he can continue to do so. If the thumb goes up, I’ll do my part and have a couple of the books available here, too.

Even if you’re not interested in the Bruderhof or their literature, you might like to see this alternate mode of publishing. Note that some are all are also available in dead-tree format. (I own a copy of God’s Revolution, for instance.)

Bruderhof E-books available

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