Well gang, at the risk of sharing too much information, here are three of my resolutions — and so far the only ones that have measurable outcomes.

  • Lose 30 pounds by 31 December 2006.
  • Write a total of 1500 entries on this blog by 31 December 2006. Not much of a stretch really, but a good goal to keep me from slacking.
  • Be free of consumer and student debt by 31 December 2007. This is a harder goal, and a cautionary tale since the consumer debt was largely built when I was  poor starving minister in my first settlement. The student debt is almost all from seminary.

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  1. To clarify: 1500 entries in total by the end of the year. I’ve already written 1,147, but there have been days I’ve written four entries.

  2. I lost two stones in the last 6 months simply by eating fresh healthy Greek salads, pasta etc and reducing my intake of processed food, canned food etc. I also do a few sessions of jogging each week. Fortunately I live in Liverpool city centre (UK) in their ‘Georgian Quarter’ (aka Toxteth) and so the runs I go on are quite scenic past all the old mansions, the two big cathedrals, Greek church, old synagogue, mosque etc which makes them quite enjoyable. Its a bit like a fast paced heritage trail…

    I do know people who do all these trendy diets (GI diet, Atkins etc) but I think you simply have to get your running shoes on – or get on your bike- and just wear yourself out a few times a week!

    One unexpected thing exercise has done for me (other than lose weight) is help gain a much more focused mind and more confidence. This is because I insist on running alone so it gives me time to clear my head. I also happen to think that processed foods cause a great deal more problems than weight gain…

  3. Matt, my dove, I started wearing myself out three times a week in September and did not increase or dramatically decrease my food intake, and I haven’t lost a pound. Well, okay, I lost one pound.

    Love, The Fat-And-Loveable-As-Ever PeaceBang

  4. Well how did you wear yourself out Peacebang? (or should I not ask?!)

    Like I say, I combined running with a change in diet. I don’t eat any ready meals, have little if any fast food and avoid as much processed food as possible. Fortunately my favourites foods are salads, feta cheese, pitta bread and pasta so I can sustain a healthy diet without feeling I am making great sacrifices. I also do not smoke or drink lots of alcohol.

    But I guess also that its down to each person as an individual. I am 6ft 5 and apparently being tall makes weight loss far easier. I’d also mention that I have noticed most weight loss six months after starting this new healthier lifestyle. At first people said they could see I was thinner but the scales said that I had lost nothing.

    Anyway, I’ve just signed up for a 13 mile marathon / charity run so I’m going to have to raise my game considerably over the next 12 weeks!!!

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