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So, regular readers know I think book buying is over-rated, and that there are real costs to maintaining a library past buying the books themselves. Plus, for the ministers, nothing gives away when and how you were educated than a study library’s shelves. Better — I think — to keep the library light.

It is time to think of having — alongside a paper library of value-rich books — a library of books in PDF format. The recent posts on the Bruderhof titles are good example of what one could have.

So what I’m going to do is this: every time I find a good book in PDF, I’ll bookmark it on my del.icio.us account, and tag it pdf_library. That’s pretty easy.

And so I’ll ask you, if you have a del.icio.us account (and you should; it is very useful) and think this is a good idea and find books in PDF, can you tag them too?


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  1. Perhaps a del.icio.us tag called html_books? I’m not too hung up on it, but would like to learn about the approaches that make one file useful in a number of different formats: pdf, html, docbook, etc.

    But I like PDF because it can look more like a book, and if created some a common source as a paper book, can be used as the same edition. Common citations, page numbers and the like. Plus they tend to be more attractive and conceptually common to paper books. That’s all.

  2. PDF has advantages for printing, if that is something that one might do someday.

    So, if I start scanning my library we can move to a smaller apartment.

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