Any five-year-old knows

Gen X warning. The following refers 1970s educational animated shorts that ran between the cartoons Saturday morning on ABC. My non-US readers might be tickled that a better part of a generation (probably) can still sing the preamble to the federal Constitution.
In Schoolhouse Rock! terms, I was more of a Verb: That’s What’s Happening, Naughty Number Nine or Sufferin’ Till Suffrage (“Lucretia! Lucretia Mott!”) kid. Or even the esoteric romp into base twelve math, Little Twelvetoes.

Hubby bought me the two-DVD omnibus for Christmas. Even now I’m singing along to Unpack Your Adjectives. 

But the one that keeps running through my head is No More Kings, a little ditty about American self-determination in the face of a tyrannical and unrepresentative government. Not the strongest tune, but it just seems so right right now. Surely that little lesson in liberty was planted widely . . . .
The official — ugh, get a designer — page on No More Kings with song download 

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  1. Last year, we actually used “the constitution song” as an illustration in a church exercise on cross generational communication…it very clearly marked out who was “of a certain age.”

    Questions followed, like “How do all the 30somethings know that? and why do they sing it in unision?” Then, “Wow, we have very few people under 50 in this congregation…”

    as for me, I’m always “rockin’an’arollin, splishin’ana’splashin”

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