UUA Bookstore uses open-source software, and more

Without blurring the boundaries I make between this blog and Day Job, I have to say I know a few things about a national non-profit organization operating a mail-order bookstore. That said, I went to the UUA Bookstore site with the express purpose of seeing what software they use.

They use osCommerce — an open-source solution. “Cool,” I thought. I know the UUA uses a number of open-source products, providing data security and stability and perhaps cost savings.
Even better, and above and beyond the call of duty, there’s a page within the bookstore suite describing the alterations they made, some hints making up for shoddy documentation, and a file with the patches.  That’s the spirit, and will be a help to others needing a more mature online bookstore.

Good going, UUA Bookstore.

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