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We all know the Desert Island game — immortalized on the BBC with its Desert Island Disks show — where you are limited to x number of books or records for an indefinite amount of time.

Not quite in the spirit of the game (unless one had it cached on a solar-powered laptop) is the Desert Island website. I suppose it should be about making a coconut radio or something the Professor would do. But assuming I was the chaplain, say, on Lost, what would I want?

Easy-peasy. Give me Ken Collins’ Web Site. Not an inspiring name, but a fantastic resource as a training tool for lay pastors or seminarians, or a refresher and resource for the more seasoned. I’ve not written articles because I know Ken Collins — a Disciples of Christ minister in the DC ‘burbs with a good sense of what’s core Christianity — wrote it first.

He writes well, with humor, and is very practical. To see what I mean, start with “How to Lead a Lousy Worship Service”.

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