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  1. I hope people won’t let this post and link go unread and commented upon. It was an excellent find, Scott, and especially for church planting and for starting any new ministry mission. Thanks. Which of the 11 points do you think most apply? In some ways, I think they all do. But to me the ones to really focus on kick in at numbers 3 (ship then test), 4 (forget the proven team), 5 (start as a service business) which gets my vote for the most applicable, 7 (pick your battles) goes without saying, 8 (understaff) flies in the face of staff to grow but that is best used for established churches wanting to get off the plateaus, 10 (position against the leader) which gets my vote for second most applicable, and 11 (take the red pill) which I think is crucial because many entrepenuers and church planters etc., I think and in my experience, are probably ENFP and 7s on the Enneagram (biased since I fit those categories) so reality bites and we don’t want to pay attention, to our demise. Thanks again.

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