Plain geek

Like Happy Cindy, I took the Geek Test, but scored a mere 23.27% Some affirmations got especially close to home.

  • I own a computer currently running on Linux. (Ubuntu 5.10, but think I might get a discard and play with Debian.)
  • I married someone that I met over the Internet.
  • I play Devo. (I’m playing Q: Are We Not Men? A: We are Devo! right now, and it was in the CD drive before I started the test.)
  • I wear glasses I have repaired myself. (Not this pair, though they should count on their own merits.)
  • I know how to count in hexadecimal.
  • I know my age in binary. (100100.)
  • I have created a listserv.

There are a lot more, but obviously not enough to match Michelle or Cindy. Feh.

7 Replies to “Plain geek”

  1. Dude,
    I scored under under 10. I sent it to Rebecca who will record a higher number no doubt.

  2. 11.04%

    I thought I was doing pretty well until I reached Warhammer. I was at the mall recently and ended up talking to the guys at the Warhammer store for half and hour. I was shocked that there was a Warhammer Store. Serious flashbacks. I kept saying “I thought warhammer was dead!”

    Computers, however, I find incomprehensible…

  3. 28.82446%: Total Geek.

    Yes, I know what Warhammer is, and I used to work with one of the designers. And I am a librarian. And I have argued Mac vs PC. And I read dictionaries for fun. And I….oh, never mind….

  4. As I told Cindy, I’m ashamed to report that I scored only 14.2%. When I was much younger, I would have scored higher. Those were the days! In fact, when I took the test last time — in October 2003 — I did score higher: 15.7%! My geekiness is waning…

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