A simply-maintained computer

Well, I’ve had some problems before partioning my hard drive with Linux — not one of Ubuntu Linux’s strengths — and ruined the partion with my whole system on it. Fooey. Fortunately I backed up my system all last weekend, so that all I lost was my email. It took less than an hour to get back to where I was.


I’ve decided not to restock the computer’s memory with all the files I’ve been keeping. They’re happy on CD-ROMs. I’ll be adding in files — either file from the Internet or from those CDs — rather jealously. Just as jealously as I’ve been keeping or discarding my material goods.

I mention this because I think I’ll discover what files, services, and programs are important and which ones aren’t. Since I tend to do churchy stuff more than anything else at home — sad, sad preacherboy, I know — there will be some bearing on this blog. Keep you posted.

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