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  1. There are lots of ways to make blogger more beautiful. In fact, it’s easy to experiment because you can preview changes you make in the blogger template. I use blogger and have changed the look of my blog many times. An easy change to make in the test template you are using is to upload an image and put it where the banner currently is. There are several ways to do this, just experiement and use code similar to this:
    url(“http://www.addressofpicture.jpg”) no-repeat center top;

  2. So you have the little salt cellar in your hand when you impose the ashes? I’m sure you don’t mean that. I’ll have to call and ask you. I think I will do a two-handed routine, but thanks for making it clear that I’ll want to practice this!! And the tip on not over-doing it is also so helpful. Thanks, mister.

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