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  1. Not IRC specifically, but online chat rooms, yes.

    The Young Adult and Campus Ministry Professionals Seminars put on by the UUA YA/CM Office have used online chat for some of its meetings, and I’m setting up an online chat system for the Heartland YA/CM groups to have meeetings in.

    The backend of the one I’m creating IS IRC based actually. Many people are not comfortable with that kind of environment however, so I’m using a Java client as the front end, and still allowing IRC client access (since I use BitchX )


  2. Hey, I’m trying to set something up for my own youth group…

    we all login to aim and i’m sick of having 1on1 convo’s with people

    i want to set up some kinda chat room 4 us all to just chill…..

    (and i’m the webmaster on the jpd-ysc)

    who should probobly not be typing as though he just got home from a long day at school…..

    but i shall

    l8r do respond to flameinthecupTHISSENTENCEISTOPREVENTSPAMREMOVEIT(at)gmail(dot)com

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