Bloggers in DC? at Revival?

So, Philo is scaring up interest in another Boston-area blogger picnic and he’s been asked about a meet-up at General Assembly.

Well, is there enough interest among DC-area bloggers and readers to have an event here?

Also, since it seemed for a while (now past) that blogging was some kind of UU Christian conspiracy, it seems worthwhile to ask about a meet-up at the Unitarian Universalist Christian Revival conference this November in New York.

3 Replies to “Bloggers in DC? at Revival?”

  1. Ooh, the November idea is wonderful! Thanks for suggesting that.

    Depending on my schedule, I’d love to come down to meet the DC folks.

  2. Well, I offered to host a dinner at GA some months ago. And many people said they would come. So don’t count me out as the Blogger’s Pearl Mesta in St. Louis, geez.

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