Revival in New York

The more I think about it, the more excited I am about the Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship Revival assembly this November 2 to 5 in New York. It will be held at Fourth Universalist (4U) in the Upper West Side, which also makes me happy. The last time I saw PeaceBang in real life, she and I, with Hubby, a friend of hers, and friend-colleague in common were touring The Gates, and visited 4U.

The early registration fee is a very low $100, and includes the banquet. Housing, however, will be a bear. (The registration fee was lowered from last time in consideration of this.) As y’all may know by now, I like to hold on to my money. I have some ideas for saving money in New York, but first I’ll turn it over to you to share your thoughts and ask your questions for the General Public.

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  1. I may stay with Mrs Philocrites’ parents 45 minutes west in New Jersey, although I’ve always wanted to stay in a NYC hotel. I’ll be eager to hear what others recommend.

  2. Are you totally opposed to hostels? I went for the Interweave Convo a few years ago and stayed in Manhattan (close to Madison Square Garden) for incredibly cheap.

  3. Depends whether or not Hubby comes. If I’m going stag, I’ll look seriously into a hostel — which I rather like for their own charms, plus the cost savings — and perhaps into getting a twin room to share with another attendee, if that’s an option. Indeed, one of the reasons I want to talk publically and candidly about Revival accomodation is to lend dignity to low-cost/alternate options. (I’ll be taking the Chinatown bus for instance, probably even if Hubby comes; $45 RT from Washington) That might help attendance, and minimize costs.

    Then there’s a location factor. Accomodation near Madison Square Garden would be convenient by subway to 4U, a matter to consider.

    Is there a hostel Scott you liked? Details?

  4. I had good success with Priceline when I was there a few weeks ago. I got a nice room at the Park Central Hotel (3 stars) on 57th (near Times Square) for $100 a night. I probably could have paid less, but I made a typo and clicked a 3 star instead of a 4 star. I split the room with three other ladies (I listed double occupancy, but our plans changed shortly before arrival), so it was only $30 a night a piece (including taxes).

  5. Hi Scott: I used to stay at the Excelsior Hotel during Humanist Institute sessions. (Columbus at about 81st) The rooms there are actually suites and some can accomodate 3 or 4 folks–so even at $200 per room it could be functionally at about $50.00 per person. 4th U is easily in walking distance–and an interesting and beautiful walk it is.

    Cheerfully, Roger Kuhrt
    PS: On at least two sides of Madison Sq. Garden–you could find “trouble” on the streets.
    PSS: Next to St. John the Divine is a playground for kids–beyoond that and toward the back of it is a trail that leads to a shrine which contains several sculptures of Frederick Frank. Visiting that shrine always “filled my cup!”

  6. Scott –

    The website I entered (instead of my usual blog link) is the place I stayed – Chelsea Star Hotel. It was good – a little bit different than your typical Hostel International place – but comparatively good and inexpensive. It’s on 30th and 8th (ish), just a couple blocks behind MSG but a little bit away from 4U (which I saw for the first time a couple of weeks ago – a friend’s aunt lives a block west of it). I might check out the revival next year/next time – it sounds awesome.

  7. I so wish I could go.. but I know there is no way I can swing it this year. However the 07 Revival is at West Shore Church in Cleveland.. and I hope a ton of people come because it is only like 40 minutes from me.

  8. Hey Scott, I’ve only been to NYC a few times in my life–stonewall 25 celebration, gay rights parade, macy’s at christmas–and so I know very little about the place. My school has a loft in Gramercy Park. Is that anywhere close to where we’ll be?
    The Appalachian Loft is located at:
    117 East 24th St. Suite 3-A
    New York, NY 10010

    The facility is situated in midtown Manhattan in the Gramercy Park District. There are 22 sleeping spaces available for guests.

    The loft is for Appalachian students, faculty, and staff attending conferences, academic meetings, fulfilling internship requirements or conducting research in the New York area. The facility is also available for non-Appalachian individuals pursuing scholarly activities.

    The Appalachian Loft has a resident director to assist you with questions.

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